There’s a reason why all of the world’s most respected lock makers are putting more and more resources into developing smart locks, and there’s a reason why experts like us have appeared to help homeowners make the most of them. Smart locks are the wave of the future and they’re here to stay. They offer a range of benefits on their own, plus a whole set of useful integrations with other aspects of home automation.

Controlled Entry

Smart locking systems allow you to issue specific entry codes to specific people for specific times. For instance, if a TV repair man says he’ll arrive between 8 am and 4 pm, there’s no need to interrupt your routine. Simply issue an entry code to the repairman for the time period in question, and rely on your smart camera system to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. Having houseguests and visitors can also be a breeze with special entry codes. Even if you don’t have an integrated camera system, you’ll know which codes were used to enter the house and when.


If you’re into home automation, you’ll want to know about the connection between smart locks and smart thermostats. Your home’s heating and cooling systems can be programmed to respond every time the smart lock is triggered. In other word, the HVAC system goes into energy-saving mode whenever the house is empty, as indicated by the active alarm system. Check and manage locks from anywhere Wondering if you “forgot” to lock the front door is a thing of the past when your home is fitted with professionally installed smart locks. Using an app on your favorite digital device, you can check the status of your locks any time, day or night. If the house is unlocked when it shouldn’t be, simply tap to activate the lock — and rest easy.

Give yourself a warm welcome
Integrate your smart locks with lighting systems, so that specified lights turn on when you unlock your front door at night. You can even give program the stereo or television to kick on automatically when the lock is disabled.