Energy Efficient Lights

As homeowners, we often take our lighting systems for granted. We flip them on and off without considering how important they are, or how they could be improved. With the advent of smart home technology — and smart lighting in particular —all of that changes.

Lighting is now something we can use interactively and intelligently. It’s a tool that can make our homes more vibrant, welcoming and energy-efficient.

Customize Your Moods

With a professional grade network of smart lights, you can create interactive moods and settings that can be recalled with the touch of a button.
Forget having to walk around the house and turn the lights on or off one by one.Simply use any personal device, such as a phone or tablet, to instantly create the lighting you want. Smart bulbs even allow you to choose different colors for different scenarios.
That’s right — home lighting just got a lot more interesting. Combing smart lighting with other smart home features
The beauty of smart lighting systems is not only how they work in and of themselves, but how they can be integrated into a broader home automation plan. With the help of our professional team, it’s entirely possible to:

Manage your Lighting from Afar

With a smart lighting system, you don’t have to wonder if you left the lights on. One look at your phone or tablet will tell which lights in the house are on. You have as much control over the system as you want, with the ability to turn lights on or off from anywhere in the world.

Energy Efficient Lights

When the electric light switch was invented in 1884, it was a simple yet groundbreaking technological leap. What could be more convenient than walking into a room and turning the lights on or off with the flick of a switch?
Sure, there have been improvements since then — but none have been game changing.
Until Now
Smart home technology is the next big step in how you control the lights at home. The latest technology offers complete control and customization using your favorite digital devices — be it a smart phone, tablet or laptop.
Out with the old, in with the new Smart lighting is a key aspect of home automation in the 21st century.
The elimination of wall clutter, such as light switches and dimmers, is only the beginning.
Full integration overseen by a home automation professional can make your home lighting system more convenient, more energy-efficient, and more fun than you ever thought possible.
What are the benefits of smart home lighting technology?
Conserve energy and lower electric bills by turning off stray lights after you leave the home. Going on vacation? Turn your lights on at night with the tap of a button, rather than leaving them on 24/7 for security reasons. Already gone to bed? Turning the lights off anywhere in the home just got tend times easier.
Get into the mood with customized settings. Save your favorite lighting configurations and recall them with the tap of a button. No more wandering through the house, switching on lamps and overhead lights to achieve the desired effect.
The future of lighting is here today!
We’ve come a long way since the invention of the analog light switch. The future of residential lighting is here today: Digital, highly efficient, ultra-convenient, and completely customizable. Installation, however, has to be flawless if you want all the benefits of a smart home lighting system. Our experienced technicians will make sure you get the most out of your home lighting system by giving you expert advice and fitting your home with the safest, most reliable lighting systems on the market.
  • Dimmers & Switches - With a wide array of styles, colors, and control options, Lutron offers hundreds of choices in stand-alone dimmers and switches. Multiple designs and control openings compliment any décor and provide functionality for ambiance, convenience, and security—meeting all of your lighting control needs

  • Lutron and Sonos - Caseta Wireless now seamlessly integrates with the Sonos Home Sound System for simple and convenient control of lights, shades, and sound right at your fingertips. Play music and adjust volume using Pico remote controls or from scenes within the Lutron app.

Look Like You’re at Home — Even if You’re Not
Introducing Smart Away – a new feature of Caséta® Wireless that randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when you’re not home. You can manually trigger this feature in the app at your convenience or automatically trigger it if geofencing is turned on. You can also trigger Smart Away using the Nest Home/Away Assist feature.