Home Theaters

Home Theaters

hometheater600It’s hard to believe that twenty years go, people went to the video store every time they wanted to watch a movie at home. Today, home entertainment is more accessible than ever. You can watch virtually any movie you want, whenever you want, using thanks to high speed internet connections and smart TV technology. Products like Apple TV and Amazon Roku have already made this capability widespread. And if you still prefer physical discs, services like Netflix are surprisingly fast.

On top of that, screens have gotten wider and thinner. Pictures have gotten sharper. Sound has gotten bigger. Everything about the experience of watching movies or TV at home has gotten better. But the evolution of home theater is much more than that.

Where most home theater systems go wrong

The problem, for most people, is having a “mishmash” of home theater technology. The different aspects of the system aren’t very well selected or coordinated. The best products aren’t paired together. The installations themselves are often faulty. As a result, the true experience of having a smart theater is lost.

  • Too many remotes make it difficult to switch back and forth between modes
  • The entire area is cluttered with hardware and wires
  • The different aspects of the system don’t work seamlessly together

The true smart theater experience

You’d be surprised how far your home theater can evolve when you consult a smart home/home automation expert for advice and ideas on your system. Some people just need speakers, screens and smart technology that works without a hitch. Others want more bells and whistles — such as projectors, motorized screens, custom lighting and professional surround sound. And almost everyone wants easier controls that eliminate the need for multiple remotes.

All of these options are available to you right now. But what about cost? Is a fully integrated smart theater really accessible to the “average” homeowner? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. As home theater technology has evolved, the number of affordable options has exploded. Whatever the budget, there are home theater options out there that can exceed expectations.

Making the experience a reality

The trick to getting the most out of your home theater system is not cutting corners. Our team of home automation experts have a wealth of experience in home theater installation and operation. We can recommend the best products and systems to achieve your goals, and we can install them to the highest professional standard at a rate that will surprise you. Your home theater experience just got better!