Will All Homes Be Automated in the Future?

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
Will All Homes Be Automated in the Future?

One of the reasons American homeowners are so excited these days about home automation is that it almost seems like something out of a movie or a science fiction book. The idea that various aspects of our homes can increasingly be controlled using smart technology is exciting to say the least. And it really isn’t a fantasy anymore. Everything from heating and cooling two sprinkler systems and home security can already be controlled using convenient and robust Home automation technology. It may still seem like a niche, and it’s true that many people have yet to explore these possibilities for their homes. But more people are discovering home automation every day, and industry experts predict this number will only increase over the coming years.

Here are some of the questions people ask when they learn how quickly home automation is growing: Will every home be automated in the future? Will homes of the future be able to perform a whole spectrum of tasks without intervention?

Let’s take one question at a time. In terms of the percentage of homes that make use of home automation, this number is still relatively low — but it’s growing fast. Those homeowners who don’t have any automation features in their homes are still in a majority, but this simply won’t be the case for very long. There are too many economic and lifestyle benefits to be gained from effective home automation tools, and it’s only a matter of time before home automation goes completely mainstream.

Just look at wireless internet. You don’t have to journey too far back in time (ten or fifteen years at the most) to see how “new” this technology is. And yet, in a short amount of time, WiFi has gone completely mainstream. It’s widely available in most public places, and huge numbers of homeowners have it at home.

In the same way, smart thermostats and intercom systems might seem cutting edge right now — but they’re gaining ground fast.

So what about the next question? Will home automation become more and more sophisticated until the majority of tasks are actually performed by smart technology?

The answer is: Probably not!

It’s nice to think that we’ll soon have affordable, effective robotic helpers that do kitchen work and clean the house to a high professional standard — but even if this kind of A.I. were currently available (and by all accounts, it’s not far off), it remains to be seen how average homeowners will feel about bringing such things into the home. Home automation treads a fine line between being convenient and useful, and being downright intrusive and uncomfortable. It remains to be seen how far home automation technology will go, and to what degree the public will embrace it.

What’s certain is that many home automation technologies exist right now that are accessible, easy to use, and extremely practical.

If you’re looking to know more about specific options for your home, contacting a home automation specialist is one of the best things you can do. The information you receive from installation and configuration experts can save you a lot of time and money. It will also ensure that your home automation projects are successful.

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