Who Do You Trust With Your Home Automation Needs?

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
Who Do You Trust With Your Home Automation Needs?

security-systemsIt’s difficult to comprehend how much technology has changed in the last twenty years. The internet and personal computer revolution completely changed the landscape of the 1990s — but even then, people could hardly have imagined what lay in store. Only a few years have passed, and today the average phone has hundreds of times the computing power of even the most powerful machine from that era.

Other technology is changing fast too. Driving is a great example. Modern cars are now assisted by intelligent cameras and anti-collision technology. Self-driving cars already exist, and in ten years will probably be as common as smartphones are today.

The home itself is also in the middle of a technological overhaul. Building materials are getting stronger and more ecological. Residential solar power is becoming more common all the time. And when it comes to controlling the various amenities, security features and technological aspects of the home, everything is moving in the direction of the “smart home.”

Some of the most important aspects of this “home revolution” are digital locks, security systems, cameras, smart thermostats, lighting and entertainment systems, and intercoms. These features are revolutionary because they save energy, improve security, and enhance entertainment — and because they can all be controlled from anywhere in the world using a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Many people hear about these features and have an immediate reaction. Sure, it all sounds very convenient and progressive, but don’t “smart homes” present a whole litany of security concerns? The answer is that smart home technology has evolved considerably, and is still evolving. A great deal depends on the products you choose, and the people you choose to install them.

Moving in the direction of home automation is a big step for most homeowners. Certain doubts and concerns are perfectly understandable. Who do you trust to guide you through this process, to answer your questions and set your mind at ease? Who do you trust to recommend and install the very best and most secure home automation features?

Smart home technology is still fairly new, but many online reviews have already popped up, and reputable home automation companies are already distancing themselves from not-so-professional outfits. Finding a company with a solid online reputation and plenty of positive feedback is definitely a good step.

You also need someone who is experienced and voiced in all areas of home automation, not just one or two. If you find that many of your questions are met with “we’ll get back to you” or “we’re not sure,” you probably want to look elsewhere. This is one area where having a reputable expert on your side makes all the difference. Home automation is about designing a system of parts that work together as a whole in order to cut costs and make your home more secure. Any professional you work with should understand your home automation goals and be able to outline the best path to achieve them, while addressing your security concerns in detail. The installation itself should be fast and consistent, and it should work every time. That’s how you know your home has been serviced by a true home automation professional.

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