What Would You Change About Your Current Home Theater System?

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
What Would You Change About Your Current Home Theater System?

Catching a new blockbuster at the movie theater is always fun, but not something that most of us can do on a daily basis. For movie and TV enthusiasts, a home theater is a great way to bring the big screen to the comfort of your home. Home theaters can range in size, features, and cost, but more and more, people are opting for smart devices when it comes to outfitting their home theater systems.

Read on to find out common issues that homeowners have with their home theaters and the new smart device options to combat these problems.

Content Accessibility

Long gone are the days of going to the video store (remember Blockbuster?) to rent a DVD. Most of the content we watch today is streamed over the internet via services such as Netflix, HBO and Hulu. This shift in the way we consume digital media can make a traditional TV feel outdated. A much better option? A smart TV. Smart TVs have full internet connectivity. This means that users can watch most of their favorite programs from streaming services without any additional equipment. Many smart TVs can also be controlled using your cellphone or other mobile device.


Speakers can be one of the most difficult pieces to install when it comes to a home theater system. With new options for smart speakers, installation is a breeze. Most smart speaker systems are wireless and easy to mount in your space. By controlling speakers with your mobile device, you can easily and seamlessly toggle between enjoying a movie with surround sound, and listening to your favorite music all at the touch of a button.

Remote control

One downside of a smart home theater setup is that you’re likely to end up with half a dozen different remotes. Avoid having to switch back and forth by streamlining all of your devices onto one smart remote. The best remote controls on the market work with thousands of smart devices, and can connect to up to 8 devices at once. They can even access devices that are hidden inside furniture and behind walls, ensuring that you have your entire smart home system at your fingertips.

Finding and Experienced Smart Home Specialist

Not sure where to start in creating your smart home theater? Hire a smart home specialist to help you sort through the options, make the best choices for your space, and get everything set up. Additionally, a smart home specialist can be a valuable resource when it comes to troubleshooting any issues that come up later on.

Do some online research to find a qualified and experience smart home specialist near you. Make sure to ask about qualifications and even get names and numbers of a few references before choosing a specialist. Like it or not, the smart home trend isn’t going anywhere, so finding a specialist who can help you with all of your technology needs will certainly make your life easier for years to come.

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