Three Big Ways Smart Home Technology Lightens Your Environmental Footprint

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
Three Big Ways Smart Home Technology Lightens Your Environmental Footprint

Convenience is obviously one of the biggest reasons for the explosion of home automation technology that has appeared in the marketplace in recent years. The very term “home automation” suggests a level of convenience and efficiency that goes beyond what has been possible in the past – and when we look honestly at what’s been happening in this exciting new industry, it’s safe to say that convenience is entering a whole new level when it comes to being a homeowner.

But there is another reason for taking a closer look at what is happening in home automation today, and that is concern for the environment. If we look across various industries today, we see a general trend toward services, Products, and even vacation packages that are eco-friendly or even “carbon neutral.” This is, of course, an ethical and perhaps even moral decision made by different people in different ways. But when it comes down to it, being more eco-friendly is ultimately also a matter of convenience. The more pressure we put on the environment, the more inconvenient it will eventually become for everybody.

So in terms of home automation technology, there are a few important questions to ask in terms of the environment. Is it really possible to lighten your environmental footprint through the use of Home automation technology?

Yes. Here are three big ways:


The fact that we can now use smart thermostats to control our home’s climate from anywhere in the world is amazing. But smart thermostats are also adept at learning patters of heating and cooling, and they deliver detailed reports on usage that allow easy adjustments in programming. When the system is working property, your heating and cooling needs will be met with much less energy usage!

Water management

Sprinklers have long been hooked up to timers; but what about controlling your sprinklers systems from your tablet or phone, complete with energy-saving reports and information on your water usage? Home automation is only going to be more sophisticated in terms of water management.

Electrical usage

Smart technology now exists to provide broad monitoring of all the home’s energy usage, including the electrical systems. Knowing how much juice you’re using, at different times of day — plus having mobile control over your home’s grid — is a great way to save on energy costs.

Advice for the 21st-century

Statistically speaking, home automation technology is more effective when it has been “curated” and properly installed by specialists who understand the inns and outs of every device and every home automation system on a market today.

Any homeowner can walk into an electronics store and fill a shopping cart with smart lights, smart thermostats, smart sprinklers, smart locks, smart intercoms, and pretty much smart anything. Some people may even have the time, patience and skill to make all of these things work properly. But in the majority of cases, the real difference between those who find success in their home automation efforts in those who find frustration is in the professional help they seek.

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