The Most Popular Smart Home Trends for 2018

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
The Most Popular Smart Home Trends for 2018

As the home automation revelation continues to push new boundaries, people are able to do more than ever before with their smart gadgets. Some of the most exciting stuff, as we’ve seen over the past several years, involves linking up different features of home automation to work together. Smart locks, for example, can be integrated with lighting and HVAC systems to perform specific functions depending on whether the door is locked or not. All you have to do is unlock your door and walk in, and you can be greeted with a totally customized set of functions. If you want strobe lights and rock music to start automatically, you can do that — although most people take a more practical approach.

So as 2017 winds down and 2018 ramps up, what will we see from the home automation industry? What new innovations will change the way think about smart home gadgets?

1. Better security

At recent home automation trade shows, many manufacturers showcased newer, more robust security systems that take home security to a new level. High resolution, faster processing power, and the ability to capture images in the dark are some of the most exciting developments in this area of home automation.

2. Integration with wearable technology

Those devices that can now determine (with increase accuracy) whether we’re asleep or awake, whether we’re in the middle of a workout or in deep relaxation mode, are already starting to find their way into smart home automation. In the coming year or two, we’ll see a lot more of this. Specific settings will allow people to integrate fitness bracelets and smart watches with smart thermostats, lighting systems, and automatic blinds to adjust the comfort and temperature level of the home based on the body temperature and heart rate. It’s one of those things that seems outlandish — but with time, this kind of integration might be every bit as common as wifi!

3. Automatic grocery ordering

This is another one that seems far out, but when you think of the potential usefulness, it’s the kind of thing that makes home automation such an exciting field. What happens when companies like Samsung start putting cameras inside their refrigerators, and what happens when those cameras are tied to automatic shopping and subscription services such as Amazon? You may never run out of your favorite foods again. We’re still a few years from seeing this become a reality, but the basic pieces are already in place.

Bring it all together

The one thing that isn’t going to change about home automation is the difficulty of installing or “onboarding” new devices. As these gadgets and systems tend to come from different manufacturers with different functions and installation requirements, it can be a huge challenge to get everything out of the box, installed, and up-and-running the way it’s supposed to be.

That’s why home automation specialists are going to be even more important in 2018 and beyond, as the industry continues to evolve and push into new frontiers. Having a qualified expert on your side will remain the single biggest advantage to getting the most out of your smart home installations.

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