Smart Garage Door Openers: Are They Worth It?

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January 23, 2018
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Smart Garage Door Openers: Are They Worth It?

Technology is constantly changing — we see it every day. Manufacturers are in a race to deliver the next hot gadget, the next thing everybody just “has” to have. But as we all know, many of these devices and gadgets end up collecting dust. People eventually forget them and put them away in boxes, or try to get a few dollars back by selling them in eBay.

As homeowners, we all want to avoid these types of purchases as much as possible. We want to invest our money in products that our families will actually use for years to come, and that serve a clear purpose in the home. The problem is, there is so much advertising and so much pressure to buy the next new thing. Is it really going to be worth the money? Or is it just one of those gadgets that’s going to fall by the wayside and be forgotten?

These are definitely questions people ask when they hear about smart garage door openers. Is my regular electric garage door opener not already convenient enough? What possible advantages could a “smart” garage door opener offer that would make it worth my time and money?

The answer is actually pretty simple: Smart garage door openers deliver greater security and better peace of mind to the modern homeowner.

This is especially true for those of us who live in homes with an attached garage. Essentially, access to the garage means access to the entire home. So what happens if you forget to close that automatic garage door when you leave? What happens if you think you might have forgotten? Do you agonize about it all day at work, or throughout your entire vacation? Do you frantically call your neighbors and find someone to check on the situation?

With a smart door garage opener, you simple open an app on your phone or tablet and find out whether your garage door is open or closed (this information is provided by a wireless tilt sensor installed on the garage door). If the door is open, you close it with the tap of a button. Simple as that.

What if another person (a family member wanting to borrow the car, for example) opens the garage door from the inside? You’ll know about it — a smart door garage opener can send instant notifications to your favorite digital devices, notifying you any time the garage door has been opened or closed.

Even if your garage isn’t attached to your home, you probably have a lot of valuables stored there. The extra layer of security and real-time monitoring afforded by smart home garage door openers will most likely end up being one of these inventions we all use sooner or later.

Buying and installing your own smart door garage opener is an option, but the process can be challenging, and not all homeowners have the technical know-how or desire to carry out a high quality installation. Home automation specialists are a good options for helping you choose the right garage door opener and installing it for you. That way, you know you’re getting the best result possible.

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