Smart Cameras Can Change Your Home: Here’s How

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
Smart Cameras Can Change Your Home: Here’s How


In years gone by, home surveillance cameras were often seen as something for extremely wealthy people who live in massive estates. As cameras became integrated into everyday devices like phones and watches, and as new technology like wifi and bluetooth became available, people started to realize that home surveillance wasn’t just for the privileged.

In recent years, the online markets have literally exploded with home surveillance devices and softwares. They’re supposed to give you an effective, economical way to set up home surveillance and keep your family safe 24/7.

But do they deliver?

The fact is, with so many different options out there, it can be difficult to know who (or what) you can trust. Although CCTV is now a distinct possibility for the average homeowner, it’s important to invest in a robust solution that isn’t going to let you down when you need it the most.

Assuming you do that, smart cameras can seriously change your home for the better. Here are five specific examples:

1. Remote Monitoring
The ability to check on your home from literally anywhere in the world (whether you’re at your office ten miles away or on vacation abroad) is revolutionary. Many systems will sent SMS alerts according to your specifications.
2. Take action from afar
Ever wish you could interact with someone at your doorstep without actually being at home? Smart camera technology allows you to do that. Not only can you monitor who shows up at your doorstep, you can (with certain systems) talk to them via your phone, or even open the door for them.
3. Motion detection technology
A huge part of the smart home revolution is the ability not only to see what’s going on in your home, but to be notified if something is moving. Motion detection systems can function seamlessly with your cameras and alerts systems to provide a new standard in home security.
4. Different resolutions and options
Depending on what type of hardware you choose for your smart camera installation, you can see the picture in various resolutions and color schemes. You can even move some cameras with the touch of a smartphone or tablet in order to get a better view.
5. Endless customization
A smart camera system can be installed any number of ways — with any number of cameras, motion detection systems, and alert protocols. Every home is different, and setting up one camera isn’t likely to give you the security and monitoring you’re looking for. Bringing in an expert in smart homes is will help you get the most out of your smart camera setup.

Using smart cameras to your advantage

Grabbing the first “smart camera” system you find on eBay is one way to go about it. But with something as sensitive as next-generation home surveillance, most homeowners still turn to professionals who know the best technology, understand how to properly install it, and can help you get the most out of the finished installation. Provided you put in the proper work and research up front, a smart camera system can open up new frontiers in home safety and peace of mind.

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