How Does Your Smart Thermostat Help You Save During Winter?

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
How Does Your Smart Thermostat Help You Save During Winter?

As the days get shorter and colder, people all over the country are battering down the hatches and getting ready for the snow to fly. Winterization can be a fairly big project involves vehicles, wardrobes, and various aspects of the home. Windows and doors can be a great way to save on heating energy, which is the main expense during the winter months. A new and more efficient furnace, although it’s a sizeable investment, is another great way to save on those steep heating bills.

Short of that, what can you do to reduce heating costs? A lot of homeowners are beginning to realize there’s another option. It’s relatively affordable, it makes heating and cooling a lot more practical and fun, and it can significantly reduce your heating expenditures during the winter. But it’s not a new furnace.

We’re talking, of course, about smart thermostat technology. You’ve probably noticed that you don’t have to go far to find this new technology. Most department and electronics stores now have it, and major online retailers carry a seemingly endless number of devices.

So what are these thermostats so popular, and how do they actually help you save money when the temperature drops?

Total control

The main way you’ll save money on your heating bills through smart thermostat technology is probably control. Because your thermostat can be controlled from anywhere in the world, instantly, using your favorite phone or tablet, there’s no more “accidentally” leaving the heat on all day when no one’s home. The other benefit of this is that you can make sure the house is nice and toasty when you step in, rather than having to wait for the place to heat up.

Ongoing learning

Depending on what thermostat you buy, it will be capable of actually “learning” your heating patterns and behaving accordingly unless you intervene. This takes some of the guesswork out of heating efficiently, and keeps you comfortable at your desired home temperature.

Heating cycles

It’s a common tactic to let the heat reduce at night in order to save. But did you know that it can sometimes be more costly to replace that lost heat in the morning? Smart thermostats use detailed metrics to calculate what the most efficient heating strategies will be, and gives you in-depth information on your energy usage to help you make better heating decisions throughout the winter.

Choosing the right thermostat for your home

Obviously, the efficiency of your heating system, your insulation, your windows, and even your doors will have a drastic effect on how efficiently your system is able to run. But assuming these things are in good working order, a smart thermostat can take your savings to the next level by learning your preferences automatically, and by giving you complete control over your home climate system with the touch of a button. It’s important to make sure everything is selected and installed correctly, so a home automation specialist is a good bet for homeowners looking to get the full benefit.

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