Home Automation is Changing the Way Lights Work: Here’s How

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
Home Automation is Changing the Way Lights Work: Here’s How

The popularity of smart homes is rising rapidly, and the technology involved is altering the very structure of the modern home. Consider the fact that light switches could become obsolete in the near future — it’s difficult to imagine, but it’s a real possibility. Lighting is one of the more underrated aspects of home automation right now, but it’s gaining steam quickly. If you’ve been considering a ‘switch’ over to a smart lighting, here are three valid reasons to go for it.

1. They save energy

Because automated lights can be programmed to know when the lights need to be on (through the sensors that tell them what time of day it is, and whether or not anyone is at home), a great deal of energy can be save. Smart lighting also saves energy by using automatic timers and sophisticated programming that allows your home to “learn” your lighting patterns and preferences.

2. They save time

Smart lighting allows all of the lights around your home to work in sync. You can program lights to turn on when someone walks into the room, and switch off when the room is empty. Lighting can be synchronized with alarm systems and motion detectors, allowing for greater possibilities of security and efficiency. One of the most exciting things about smart lighting is the ability to create your own lighting configurations, whether for one room or the entire home. This allows you to instantly recall different configurations with the touch of a button.

While most homeowners prefer to control their smart home system from a smart phone or a tablet, businesses oftentimes feature a physical control center that allows multiple people to control the system through one area. Either way, smart lighting is a big time saver.

3. The make it fun to control your lighting

On top of saving energy and time, it’s downright fun to be able to control every light in the home from wherever you are in the world. Never again worry about whether or not you left the lights on — or forgot to leave them on. Simply check the status of your lights and adjust as you wish, all from the comfort of your favorite digital device. Program and configure your favorite lighting arrangements and enjoy the ability to control your lights without moving around the house and dealing with all of those light switches. The fun factor is definitely high when it comes to smart lighting.

Getting the installation right

Many people feel that smart lighting should be something they install themselves — but more and more homeowners are realizing today that home automation is not as simple as it looks. Installation and setup are crucial parts of the process, and if they’re not done correctly, all of that convenience and efficiency will be replaced by frustration. Home automation specialists are people who know home automation through and through, and can help you do everything from choosing and designing the right system, to installing it on your behalf — and guaranteeing the best possible results.

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