Are Smart Locks Really Secure?

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Are Smart Locks Really Secure?

Recent times have brought us into an age of convenience. More and more, we’re seeing things we thought were science fiction become a reality. Even twenty or thirty years ago, who could have imagined that we would all be walking around with smartphones that connect us instantly to a global network of contacts and information?

Likewise, few people could have imagined that by 2017, you would be able to lock and unlock your homes from a remote location. Smart locks are one of the most interesting and contentious developments in home automation technology.

For those who are considering installing a smart lock system for the home, the question of security is probably at the top of your list of concerns. After all, hacking seems like it may become a problem with smart homes — especially where locks are concerned. Here are some simple ways to mitigate your concerns about being hacked. Could it be that a smart lock is indeed a safe decision for you and your family, and that it may actually make you safer?

1. Guarantee a safe Network Operations Center (NOC)

A network operations center stores your information. As soon as you install your smart lock, make sure that your center is accredited. When an NOC is accredited, it guarantees that all your personal information is stored in a safe and secure manner.

2. Make sure you are networking securely

Just as you would when you are working on your computer, set up appropriate networking safety standards. These cover a variety of security standards—firewalls, frequently changing passwords, and router names. Even though smart systems are designed to be easy and user friendly, you still have to take the initiative to protect your security proactively.

3. Know that burglars want it to be easy

It’s commonly understood that most break-ins are perpetrated by people who don’t have much patience. Hacking into your smart system takes a different kind of criminal. We have yet to see these problems in the many homes across the country who have already adopted smart lock technology — but that doesn’t mean hacking is impossible, especially if people know your home is protected by smart locks. Fortunately, that information will not be obvious by the appearance of your doors and locks.

That said, precautions are always a good idea. Connecting an alarm system to your door and window locks will be the best way to make sure that you are safe in this more immediate and physical way.

4. Use a name brand

There is something to be said for trusted smart home companies. Successful companies greatly value the security of their customers and are constantly looking for new ways to make them safer. As new updates for your smart locks become available, make sure to download them right away. Many of these updates include improved security methods.

5. Secure your router

Security comes up once again when we consider how easy it would be for a hacker to control your system if your router is open and easy to access. Keep your router from being an easy invitation into the digital world inside your home and give it a good password.

Security first

When you hire a professional home automation specialist to install your smart lock, your home will be secure, and you can rest assured that the access you have into your home belongs to you only. Professionals will be able to design lock systems for your home and set up the system that is best and easiest for you. Most importantly, they’ll be able to answer and address your questions ahead of time with pertinent and honest information, so you can decide for yourself whether smart lock technology is the right call for you home.

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