4 Reasons to Invest in Smart Cameras for Your Home

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
4 Reasons to Invest in Smart Cameras for Your Home

With an endless number of ways to spend money, today’s homeowner is looking for a solid investment. There are so many advertisements, both online and everywhere else, that try to convince us to spend. But in many cases, those purchases don’t really have a long-lasting value. Before we know it, we’ve stashed whatever it is away in the closet or storage area — or thrown it out with the trash.

Smart camera technology is one thing that definitely does not fall into this category. Its capabilities are already impressive, and are only getting better. Here are four reasons to invest in a professionally-installed smart camera system for your home.

1. They make your home more secure

CCTV has always been a step taken by homeowners (or business owners, for that matter) who want to make sure their premises are secure, and that any unwanted activity is documented. But in the past, this has been an expensive and rather exclusive option, only available to people with fewer budget constraints. Today’s smart camera technology has completely changed the game. It’s affordable, versatile, and far more sophisticated than traditional CCTV or security camera systems. For anyone looking to boost home security without breaking the bank, smart camera installations are virtually a no-brainer.

2. They’re super convenient

In the past, security footage needed dedicated monitors and/or recording hardware to make sure everything was properly monitored and documented. Today, thanks to wireless and cloud technology, there’s no need for any of that. You can choose to store your own footage on the hard drive of your choosing, or you can outsource it to the cloud. You can view a live camera feed from your favorite tablet or smartphone whenever you feel like it, and with the addition of motion detection, you can program the system to automatically send you a video clip whenever motion is detected. Talk about raising the bar on home security and convenience!

3. They can be integrated with other smart systems

One of the most exciting thing about smart cameras is that they can be integrated with other smart home technology, and these capabilities are only increasing. For example, if you have a smart camera with motion sensors, this can be connected to one or more spotlights outside the home, so that motion turns on the light and simultaneously starts the camera recording. You can also build your camera system into a home alarm system, so that certain types of motion or events will trigger the alarm directly.

4. They’re affordable

We’ve already touched on this, but smart cameras are already very reasonable in price, and the cost will probably continue to fall as they become more widely used and produced. What’s the catch? They can be difficult to install correctly, and you may not understand how all the features work. You may not even know which camera to choose, since there are already a huge number of them on the market. This is where a home automation specialist can step in and guide you toward the best possible results.

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