4 Creative Uses for a Smart Camera

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018
4 Creative Uses for a Smart Camera

Smart cameras are one of those things that make you pinch yourself. Is this really happening? Yes — technology continues to advance in ways we couldn’t have imagined ten or twenty years ago. There are all kinds of practical uses for a smart camera, from enhanced home security to turning on the lights or drawing the shades when you get up in the morning. But many people are also getting creative with these devices, and new uses are popping up all the time. Here are four creative uses for a smart camera in the home.

1. Streaming family gatherings

This may sound outlandish, but there are countless family gatherings every year in which not everybody can participate. People are traveling, or have obligations with the other side of the family. Some smart home enthusiasts have used their smart cameras — which serve all kinds of other purposes — to create a live stream of their kitchen or dining room that can be accessed by specific people who wish they could be there, but can’t. This isn’t a function that’s specific to smart cameras, but it’s definitely a creative way to use a tool that’s already highly practical.

2. Watching your diet

We’re all trying to stay in shape and keep ourselves healthy, right? But we don’t always make the greatest decisions throughout the day. Often times, we make trips to the kitchen without even really realizing it. When you’re using a smart camera for security and other practical uses, you can also use it to review your own eating habits. This can be a handy way to keep tabs on how much, how often, and what you’re actually eating throughout the day and night. And if there’s any doubt about who took the last cookie from the cookie jar, you’ll have that covered too.

3. Observing pests and animals outside

There are tons of great uses for smart cameras inside the home — but what about the great outdoors? Many homeowners have gardens or flowers that are routinely raided by various types of critter. With a smart camera, you don’t have to dig through hours of footage to see what’s really going on. Motions sensors can automatically start the camera recording when something moves. You can even have the system automatically email or text you the footage when a recording has been made.

4. Keeping an eye on children

Baby monitors and cameras are nothing new, but smart cameras can serve this purpose for small children of all ages — with many added benefits. For example, a smart camera allows you to monitor the feed from your phone, tablet or computer. If you’re away, it’s easy to look in on the situation at home, whether you have older kids or a babysitter.

Where can I find a good smart camera?

If you’re going to use a standalone smart camera, you might consider looking for a highly rated product and installing it yourself. But if you’re going to get creative, and/or link your smart camera to other home automation functions, you’re better off with an expert in your corner. Home automation specialists can help you choose the right products and get them correctly installed, so that you get the very most out of all your home automation devices.

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