4 Advantages to Automating Your Office Space Right Now

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January 23, 2018
4 Advantages to Automating Your Office Space Right Now


Smart phones haven’t really been around that long, and we’re already hearing about a whole range of “smart” products and services. People are even beginning to talk about smart homes and smart cars.

Smart offices are really just another logical step, especially since running an effective business is all about keeping things efficient and economical. And making your professional space into a “smart office” isn’t something that’s going to be available five or ten years from now. It’s already here. Consider these four advantages to automating your office space right now.

1. Controlled entry
If you work in an office where controlled access is needed, there are smart solutions that can make things easier for you. Digital doorbell and intercom systems can allow you to see who’s waiting outside, exchange words with them, and even open the door — right from your favorite digital device. This is a great way to streamline your everyday office security without paying hefty subscription fees for off-site security services.It’s also worth noting that the locks on your office doors no longer need to be traditional “key” locks. There are robust, super-secure digital locking devices that provide up to 30 different entry codes and range of other secure features. Gaining access to secure areas of your office no longer has to be difficult!
2. Smarter climate control
Did you know that most offices spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on climate control, including heat in the winter and air conditioning during the warmer months? Obviously you and your employees need to be comfortable while you work, but careless use of HVAC systems can lead to a whole lot of unnecessary spending.Smart climate control systems are no longer a futuristic fantasy. They’re available right now for your office, and they literally put climate control in your hands. Any number of employees or managers can be given access, via their own digital devices, to the office’s climate control settings. This enables more effective management of energy resources, and ensures that the climate in your office will be just right no matter the season or time of day.
3. Full-time monitoring
Being able to keep tabs on your office space, especially areas that are sensitive, is no longer the stuff of spy thrillers. With Nest Cam and other similar devices, it’s easy to have access to a 24/7 live feed of your office’s interior, entryway, individual offices, or anything you need to keep an eye on. It goes without saying, there are many situations in which this feature is useful to different types of offices, providing added security and peace of mind without expensive equipment or monthly fees.
4. Responsive lighting and interior control
Wall-mounted touch screens such as Wink are now able to seamlessly control any number of “smart office” products and installations. That means you can have “control center” mounted on the wall to control everything from lighting and temperature to locks, cameras and even blinds! This not only makes it easy for you and your staff to manage everyday life at the office, it also gives your business a highly professional sheen, and provides a long-term solution for controlling future “smart” installations in your office.
How do you know who to trust?
Upgrading to a “smart office” may seem daunting at first. After all, we’re talking about important things like security and energy efficiency. Consulting an expert in smart homes and smart offices is one way to make sure you’re getting the best products, services, warranties, and installations the industry current has to offer.

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