3 Surprise Benefits of Smart Shade Technology

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3 Surprise Benefits of Smart Shade Technology

Smart home technology is taking the country — and the world — by storm. With every year that passes, we’re seeing more and more innovations in all areas of home automation. People are adopting this technology in greater numbers as they see how amazing the benefits really are, whether it’s a smart thermostat, camera system, or even sprinkler setup.

What about shades? You may have already hear about smart shades and what they actually are — but let’s talk about three surprise benefits you may not have considered.

1. More efficient heating and cooling

This is something people often don’t think about — but the truth is that your shades can actually make a significant difference in your heating and cooling bills. Shades can provide extra insulation for your windows, which are often a major weakness in terms of HVAC efficiency. When you have smart shades, managing this side of things is easier than ever. Because your shades are now controlled from your phone or tablet, you have greater control over when the shades are open and when they’re closed. And if you leave home without remembering to manage your shades, all you have to do is open the app and tap a few buttons.

2. Greater convenience

There’s really no arguing that smart shades are an amazing convenience. Not having to walk over and mess around with tangled up cords every time you want to adjust the shades is something you appreciate every time you walk in the house. You can even configure specific shade settings throughout the house, and recall those settings with the touch of a button. For instance, at night, when you want to close all the shades in the house, it can be as simple as tapping a button on your smart phone. Now that’s convenient!

3. Longer lifespan than ordinary shades

We have yet to see any detailed studies on whether shades themselves last longer when controlled by a smart shade system, but we’re willing to bet that on average, smart shades do last longer.

Why is this? Consider how you normally open and close your shades, using drawstrings to raise, set, and lower the blinds. These old fashioned systems have worked well for a long time, but they do put a lot of strain in the interior mechanism of the shades. Smart shade systems bypass that problem and allow smooth, mechanized control of the shades. This preserves the shades themselves and gives them a longer overall lifespan.

Get your smart shade questions answered!

Knowing where to turn for answers in a crowded smart home marketplace can be tricky. Do you head straight for your local department store and start shopping for smart shade equipment, hoping that you won’t have any problems with setup or installation? Or do you turn to a home automation expert who can help you choose the right products, install and configure them for you, and provide troubleshooting support to make sure you get the most out of your smart home investments? The choice is yours — but for many homeowners, turning to an expert is a great value in the long run.

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