3 Common Problems with Smart Home Gadgets

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January 23, 2018
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3 Common Problems with Smart Home Gadgets

The future of the home is upon us. In just the past few years, the number, diversity, and options of smart home devices has multiplied hugely. There are now gadgets that allow you to control every aspect of your home from your lights, to your music, to your refrigerator all at the touch of a button. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, as homes get more technologically advanced, there are also more opportunities for things to go wrong. Read on for some of the most common problems with smart home gadgets and how to avoid them.

1. Devices only work sporadically

Smart home devices are only convenient when the work consistently. Otherwise, they’re more trouble and time consuming than they’re worth. If a device says it will allow you to turn on your lights verbally, you want it to work every time, not just occasionally.

Often times inconsistent functionality is a result of poor Wi-Fi signals. As you add more smart devices to your home, you may need to get an additional router installed or upgrade your internet plan in order to smoothly integrate new devices located around your house. Sometimes, sporadic performance is a sign of incorrect installation. In this case, it’s best to have a home automation specialist check out your setup to make sure that everything is installed as it should be.

2. Devices break down after short period of time

Another common issue is that a new device works perfectly for the first three months and then one day it just doesn’t. Smart home devices aren’t cheap, so it can be frustrating when something doesn’t perform as you’re expecting it to.

Your best bet in avoiding this kind of disappointment is to do your research before buying any new device. Read online reviews looking for ones that attest to a product’s longevity, not just how well it works right out of the box. Also, pay attention to the warranties on any product you buy and make sure to keep any necessary paperwork where you’ll be able to find it if something goes wrong.

3. Manufacturer takes too long to fix problems

Every brand of smart home device will have a customer service line that you can call with problems, but sadly these lines don’t always provide the most efficient customer service. Nip any problems in the bud by hiring a home automation specialist who can help you with installation and troubleshooting. Getting your gadgets up and running perfectly will help prevent the need to spend your lunch break on hold on a 1-800 line.

Finding A Reliable Home Automation Specialist

If you’re ready to go the smart home route, or even if you’d just like to introduce one or two gadgets into your domestic routine, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a home automation specialist. A qualified expert can assist with everything from finding the best products for your needs, to installation, to troubleshooting. Look online for reviews of a qualified and respected home automation specialist near you. Your perfect home is just around the corner!

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